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Phoon Jin


Introduce you to Jin, the drumming enthusiast whose love for the beat started with a bang during his teenage years. It all began when he caught a glimpse of an electrifying drummer's over-the-top antics on MTV. Inspired and eager to pursue his passion, Jin embarked on formal drumming lessons at his local music store.

Since that fateful day, Jin's musical journey has been an exciting adventure filled with growth and exploration. He sought out opportunities to study with various drum instructors, each from different backgrounds and specialties. Through these experiences, Jin embraced a diverse range of educational methods, from focused niche environments to comprehensive curricula like the Drum Set Curriculum of the Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Limited (ANZCA) and the Melbourne Musos Drum Set Curriculum (M.M.D.C).

This diverse exposure not only enhanced Jin's drumming skills but also ignited a burning desire to inspire, educate, and coach the next generation of musicians. He's on a mission to share his passion by incorporating different approaches and styles of drumming education, ensuring that each student's individual needs and circumstances are catered to.

With Jin as your drumming mentor, get ready to unleash your inner rhythm and explore the endless possibilities of the drumming world. His infectious enthusiasm and commitment to nurturing talent will make your musical journey an unforgettable groove-fest!

Phoon Jin
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