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About Us

Welcome to STAR MUSIC ACADEMY Carlton, where passion meets excellence in music education!! With a legacy spanning over 10 years, we have been a pioneer in nurturing talent and shaping aspiring musicians into true stars. Whether you dream of mastering an instrument, composing your own music, or stepping into the dynamic world of the music industry, our academy is the perfect place to embark on your musical journey. 


As a student at STAR MUSIC ACADEMY, you will find yourself immersed in a vibrant and supportive community of fellow musicians, where you can collaborate, learn, and grow together. We offer you the best possible environment to explore your creativity and expand your horizons. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician seeking to refine your craft, our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of music styles, theory, and performance techniques. From classical to contemporary, from vocals to instruments, we have something to offer for everyone.


Our mission statement

 Star Music Academy was founded on the vision of being a place where anyone could discover and develop their musical talents. We believe that everyone has the ability to make music. Whether it is classical, jazz, pop, rock, or metal – we are committed to help you discover your potential.  


Imagine life without music, it will be so dull and ordinary. We believe that music is a powerful tool, it can give you an identity, adds colours to your world, and helps you express your emotions. So, if you are looking to discover and develop your musical gifts, do come in and say hi. We’d love to walk with you on this special journey. Hope to see you soon.

Warmest regards,


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