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Mariana Rivas


Introducing Mariana Rivas, an Venezuelan musician and educator with a passion for inspiring the next generation of musicians. As a trained professional with a strong background in both traditional and modern teaching approaches, she crafts stimulating lessons suitable for students of all levels. Believing in the value of collaboration, Mariana fosters a classroom environment that encourages critical thinking and expressive creativity.

On top of her teaching expertise, Mariana is an accomplished violinist with extensive experience performing in prestigious settings such as the Nueva Esparta State Symphony Orchestra and Nueva Esparta State Youth Orchestra. Her musical prowess extends to concerts, special events, and studio recordings, where her attention to detail and unparalleled work ethic shine.

Highly skilled in chamber performance, classical music, and contemporary adaptations, Mariana's talent knows no bounds. Join her on an enriching musical journey that celebrates the beauty of the violin and unlocks your potential.

Mariana Rivas
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