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Li Lian Ang


Meet Lilian Ang, the experienced and patient music educator with a passion for nurturing young talents! With more than a decade of teaching under her belt, Lilian has honed her skills and created a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all her students.

Her musical journey started at UCSI University, Malaysia, where she pursued her Bachelor's degree in Piano Performance. During her time there, she discovered her love for teaching and began sharing her knowledge in 2009. Lilian's patient and caring approach instantly resonated with her students, and she found immense joy in witnessing their growth.

But Lilian's expertise doesn't end with just the piano. She's also a skilled violinist, having pursued the instrument as her second musical passion during her university days. This diverse background allows her to connect with her students on different levels and instill a well-rounded musical appreciation.

Lilian's dedication to continuous improvement led her to attend various music method workshops, including The Orff Method and The Dalcroze Method. Armed with these creative teaching approaches, she tailors her lessons to suit each child's unique learning style, making music education a delightful and personalized experience.

Her belief in the power of music to positively impact individuals is unwavering. Lilian knows that everyone can make music, and she takes pride in unleashing the hidden musical talents of her students, no matter their age or background.

If you're looking for a caring and experienced music teacher who will guide you on a musical journey filled with patience, encouragement, and fun, Lilian Ang is the perfect mentor to help you discover the joy of music-making!

Li Lian Ang
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