Guo Jin profile



Jin’s love affair with drumming started during his teenage he saw a certain drummer’s over-the-top antics on MTV one day, prompted him to start formal drumming lessons at his local music store.

Since then, Jin has had the opportunity continually seek to study with various drums instructors from different backgrounds and specialty both in a focused niche education environment and a comprehensive curriculum that included Drum Set Curriculum of the Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Limited (ANZCA) and the Melbourne Musos Drum Set Curriculum (M.M.D.C). His exposure to various drums instructors and educational methods throughout his journey has, not only, equipped him musically on the drums, but also instils within him a passion to inspire, educate and coach the next generation of musicians by incorporating different approaches and styles of drumming education to suit individual needs and circumstances of the students.

Jin is an active performer of the drum set. He is known for his solid and infectious groove that sensitively serves the music and supports the other band members. Jin has been involved in different musical settings both in the studio and live, that has brought him to various places in Australia, Asia and Pacific Islands for recording projects, concerts and conferences, working and supporting artist, musicians and acts from numerous backgrounds. Aside from that, he plays regularly with a wedding band and serves in his local church worship band. Jin hopes to encourage all whom he works with, to achieve their musical, personal aspirations and potentials