Pre-schoolers' music programmes

Start now, start young!

      Our children are our future and learning music is like learning any language. The difference here is that this language is universal and it builds up our children's minds for the future at young ages. Here at Star Music Academy , we offer the highest quality in musical teaching to your child. Our teachers and staff are passionate about your child's development, interest and attention span. 

     This program aims to develop your 3 to 4 years old children’s interest in music while preparing each child for instrumental learning in the future. We wish to kick-start their musical journey by introducing basic music knowledge, rhythm and theory in a joyful and positive environment. Students will be exposed to different instruments by the end of the course, enabling them to identify and generate interest in instruments they might like to take up in the future.

      We also emphasise on the development of positive behaviour and patience in each child. Children will learn to take turns, share instruments and participate in group activities.

The whole program runs for 3 terms. Each term has 10 weeks and covers one entire level. After the 3 terms, students will be able to transition easily to private instrumental lessons.

In order to ensure the best attention is being given to each child, we will only take between 4-6 students per session.

For Parents

         Parents are welcome to join in the first 2 lessons of the first term. After those lessons, we encourage the children to be in the classrooms with their friends, without the parents. This will encourage independent learning. The teacher will record their progress in their individual record book after each lesson to keep parents updated.

          As a music school, we wish to provide services that serve both you and your child best. If we can do better, please help provide feedback or suggestions of songs (even in different languages) that you would like to be incorporated into the lessons at the different levels. We will certainly try our best to tailor the lessons to your goals.

Contact us at for more information about this program.